Mike Nickituk

Mike is an experienced CEO having worked in large international service industry companies in the UK and internationally. He is an energetic, engaging and results-driven CRO and Managing Director, who’s lived in North America, Middle East and UK/Europe. A structured and people centric leader, with exceptional communication and strategic planning skills, coupled with a strong ability to execute and drive organisational success and multi-growth on both a local, pan European and global scale. Proven track record of analysing underperformance and identifying solutions for growth and integrating and scaling both M&A acquired and underperforming standalone businesses at pace. Mentors and develops teams for top line and bottom-line growth, bonded by a shared mission and purpose, to achieve strategic goals and drive enterprise value growth. A successfully implementor of innovative strategies, fostering a culture of excellence, and optimising efficiency throughout a client’s team.

Professional experience

Mike has worked extensively in digital services, hospitality growth, market research, retail measurement and new business start-ups in UK, Russia, Middle East and globally latterly with AC Neilsen. He is comfortable in large and small businesses with up to 1000 employees or smaller teams. He is a BSc honours graduate in Chemical Engineering from St Mary’s University London. 


+ 44 (0) 7860 697143

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