Chemicals and Plastics

Our professionals have been engaged in a wide range of assignments in the chemicals and plastic industries, from vertically-integrated manufacturers such as La Seda de Barcelona producing high-value PET from PX, PTA and MEG for use in extrusion into PET bottles and pre-forms, to commodity producers such as Carom making a range of chemical products from Butediene, LPG and MTBE to synthetic rubber. 

Our professionals has acted as financial advisor in business planning and as CRO in complex refinancing negotiations. We have assisted in innovative supplier negotiations and in sale processes, including cooperation with administrators in licence negotiations to enable a valuable chemical plant to be sold to Asian investors. 

We acted for RPC Group, a leading manufacturer of plastic packaging and containers through injection moulding, extrusion and injection blow moulding, and thermoforming. Our involvement in advising on plant synergies and integration gave our team valuable insights into industry-leading technologies. And with our long involvement from start-up through delivery system redesign, channels to market and several funding rounds we assisted WeedingTech to become a successful company in weed control in a range of applications using specialised formulas to reduce harmful environmental impacts. 

Plastics and chemicals play an increasing role in our daily lives but have the properties to damage the environment in an unacceptable way. It is an industry faced with significant challenges. Our professionals have the experience to help companies survive and thrive in challenging times.

Case Studies

Company Doctor's Diary

Notes, insights and reflections from Matthew, one of our directors and turnaround experts, as he works with companies during Lockdown.