Why People Use Us

Most of our work is in situations that are business-critical and often the survival of the business is at stake. There are many conflicting interests among the various stakeholders and our independence is paramount. By choice we are not on any bank panels and therefore have no dependence on them for our future work. We are not Insolvency Practitioners so have no incentive to see a client fail and then be able to pick up the insolvency work. We have no other services to cross sell, so our only interest is in getting the best results we can for our clients.

Our use of only senior professional staff with boardroom experience gives us an empathetic relationship with our client’s senior management and, unlike many large firms, we don’t start from the position that we are the smartest guys in the room. It means we use small teams that add real value and at a cost-effective price.

Advisers in distressed situations often spend the first few weeks undertaking an Independent Business Review (IBR) at the instigation of lenders. Whilst there can be occasions when it is of value, we do not believe that is normally the case. They are time consuming and expensive when time and money are in short supply. We prefer to find solutions that work and help drive their implementation.

For a business with problems, particular those operating in the zone of insolvency, it is not a comfortable place. You need expert advice and real help and it needs to be objective and independent. Often you only get one chance to get it right. Our market-leading and innovative approach can help you seize that chance. With BM&T you really do get what it says in our tag line – experience, integrity and tenacity.

Company Doctor's Diary

Notes, insights and reflections from Matthew, one of our directors and turnaround experts, as he works with companies during Lockdown.