Mike Lamb

Mike draws on 30 years of international experience in a number of industries. He has been involved in acquisitions on both sides of the table involving US, British, French, German and Dutch companies and has considerable experience of Chapter 11 and the issues affecting overseas operations. With a strong operational background, Mike Lamb provides practical experience based solutions. Fluent in German and French and with a working knowledge of Italian and Dutch, his knowledge and understanding of the cultural differences between countries are invaluable in seeking resolution to complex situations.

Mike joined Glass & Associates in 2004. Before this he was Senior Vice President Europe, Africa & the Middle East for Grove Worldwide as well as managing director of Manitowoc operations in Germany, UK, the Netherlands, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Prior to joining Grove, he was managing director of Lansing Benelux.

Mike was educated in Austria, Chile and the UK and has a degree in modern languages.

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