BM&T would like to pay tribute to the work of its US partner organisation, Conway MacKenzie, in supporting the restructuring of Detroit’s debt.

The city of Detroit filed for bankruptcy last summer – the largest municipal bankruptcy filing in US history – but earlier this month a US judge confirmed the city’s plan to adjust $18 billion of debt paving the way for it to exit bankruptcy.

Conway MacKenzie played a leading role in Detroit’s restructuring and revitalisation while working on a plan to restructure failing city services in connection with the bankruptcy.

I have lived in the Detroit suburbs myself and know the city well. It has clearly been a very difficult period. We are proud to be associated with a firm that played such a prominent part in the plans to get Detroit back on track. It is great to see a Detroit firm playing a big part in the city’s fightback against great odds and a historic comeback that few thought possible. Congratulations to all involved at Conway MacKenzie.


David Bryan – Principal, BM&T

10th November 2014

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