Below are a selection of case studies. Please click on any of the company names for more detail.

Confidential media services business£1.5 millionMedia ServicesUK-US
La Seda de Barcelona€1.4 billionChemicals and Plastics Manufacturingflagsnew1
Cambridge Lee
$20 millionStockholdingflagsnew2
JAC Products€30 millionAuto component manufactureflagsnew3
Confidential Private Equity Owned Business€175 millionTechnical Business Servicesflagsnew14
Dura Automotive$2.4 billionAuto component manufactureflagsnew12
Collins & Aikman$4.0 billionAuto component manufactureflagsnew12
Pelikan Hardcopy$250 millionManufacturing printer inks and suppliesflagsnew4
Tally Genicom$140 millionPrinter manufacturing and distributionnewflags13
Interfas$20 millionFood labelling manufacturingflagsnew5
Modular Inkjet Technology$20 millionPiezoceramic Inkjet Systems Manufactureflagsnew6
Bio-tek$50 millionLaboratory Test Equipmentflagsnew8
Clark Materials Handling Europe€250 millionFork Lift Trucksflagsnew9
Görlitz Fleece$20 millionTextilesflagsnew10